Your Body, Your Health, Your Decision

Provent(R) Sleep Apnea Therapy. (PRNewsFoto/Ventus Medical)
Provent(R) Sleep Apnea Therapy. (PRNewsFoto/Ventus Medical)

Sleep is one of the most precious commodities in the world and when you are lacking in it, or not able to get into or stay in the deepest levels due to a sleep condition your waking hours will begin to suffer. Your body begins to break down on every level from aches and pains, to memory and motor function difficulties. When this occurs for a long period of time it can even lead to extreme damage and death. There are many symptoms that can reveal these sometimes hidden conditions if one pays attention and goes in to see a sleep specialist and have a professional sleep study at the earliest signs.

Many conditions can be causing you sleep disruptions, but one called sleep apnea is very common. This condition used to require the use of a bulky medical machine reminiscent of what one is put on when they can no longer breath for themselves. This CPAP machine leaves patients limited in their ability to travel, can cause strain in relationships and is often considered to be uncomfortable to wear leaving people prone to not following through with doctors orders.

               Modern treatments are coming along that are much more comfortable and easier to wear when traveling. Provent might be an option for the apnea sufferer who is on the go and requires a far less intrusive treatment method. Health and wellness depend on following through with the treatments suggested by physicians. The specialist treating each specific case will know what treatment works best as some people suffer from a more aggressive or more difficult to treat type of apnea. If your physician is recommending CPAP it might be a good idea to ask if there are less obtrusive treatments that could work for you.

               Sleep is precious and health is a once in a lifetime gift. You must always remember that your health is in your hands and simply going to the doctor isn’t enough to heal you or treat your problem. You must actually comply with the treatment plan. Choosing a treatment plan that fits your lifestyle and is easy to follow such as Provent might help you comply much easier, but unfortunately this treatment isn’t right for every case. Trust in yourself and trust in your chosen medical practitioner. The journey to health may be a long one, but with the right plan in place you can once again enjoy a good night’s sleep without suffering the dangerous apnea episodes that are depriving your body of much needed oxygen.

               The body doesn’t handle stress well when it is deprived of much needed recuperation time, which comes from a good night’s sleep. Without attention apnea can essentially drain the life out of you slowly. Small problems will become big problems if you don’t take steps to treat the condition as soon as you realize it exists. Provent might be the right solution, but you never know unless you ask.