Why Coconut Water is a Great Addition for Your Daily Hydration?

Trends are everywhere in the nutrition and fitness industry, some of those trends are credible and some of them are short-lived and without credibility.  One thing that has never changed is the suggestion that water, and large quantities of it are essential to both internal and external health. The benefits of hydration since the human body is made primarily of water are obvious, but what about suggestions that other beverages may be even more beneficial than plain water for some of that necessary hydrating?

               Science suggests that replacing one or two servings of water each day with natural coconut water can provide additional benefits not found in basic water. When choosing coconut water for health reasons it is important to avoid those containing extra preservatives, sugars, colors or unnecessary ingredients. Pure coconut water is rich with naturally beneficial antioxidants and electrolytes not found in water. An important factor when adding coconut water is that there is definitely a possibility of too much of a good thing. This is best when used in addition to regular water hydration rather than in replacement of it. One or two servings each and every day can provide legitimate benefits.

               Natural electrolytes assist the body in absorbing and making use of the fluids that are taken in. Cells that are fully hydrated are healthier and provide a more youthful appearance. Firm skin comes from a healthy and hydrated body. Anti-oxidants protect the cellular structure and assist the body in eradicating chemical toxins from the body. All of these benefits are naturally occurring in coconut water.  Nature is uniquely qualified to create ingredients that are perfect for nurturing the body.

               Coconut water is not one of those trends that are likely to fall to the wayside. The affordability, abundance, and ease with which it can be added to a healthy lifestyle make coconut water very appealing. A simple beverage that can be enjoyed plain, or added to smoothies, or even in place of milk in your breakfast cereal, coconut water is beneficial and simple. When looking for additional benefits it can also be used as an ingredient in beauty products, and hair care. When ingested it leaves a trace of salty sweetness, and when added to beauty care products it smells faintly of coconut. For people who are not fond of the silky texture or who don’t like the trace of coconut, a touch of flavor can be added with just a trace of natural fruit juice without adding too many calories or too much sugar.

               This health trend is here to stay, and many will take advantage of the health benefits of simply changing out one or two servings of water with coconut water on days when you have worked out heavily, are hung-over, or simply want to take advantage of the electrolytes and antioxidants that naturally occur in this healthy and beneficial beverage.