Why a Chiropractor

The modern DeSotochiropractor is the only doctorate level health practitioner in the world that is drug and surgery free. Having a very similar in training to the Medical Doctor, the Chiropractic Doctor has about ten times more nutrition training, along with more radiology and diagnostic training.  This makes a chiropractor a great choice for someone who prefers a drug-free approach.

Factor 1:  Technique or services offered

About 70% of the chiropractors in the world use “Diversified” which is a collection of various spinal manipulations, generally using “motion palpation” do determine when and when to manipulate the spine. “Gonstead” is another manipulative method, but is considered to be more precise and gentle.

There are techniques that focus on the upper cervical (neck) region, like “Atlas Orthogonal”, “Blair”, “Grostic” and NUCCA. Upper cervical practitioners are rare, lower force, and considered to be excellent.

There are other methods that focus on the opposite end of the spine, the sacrum and the pelvis; “Logan Basic” is an excellent example.

“Activator”, “Torque Release”, “Pro-Adjustor”, and “Toftness” are techniques that use a mechanical device between the practitioner and patient, and are another lower force alternative.

In my opinion, the crème de la crème of chiropractic is “Network Spinal Analysis”, originally networking ideas from the major technique branches together into a scientific whole, it now has grown beyond that, and is considered to be one of the leading body-mind modalities ever. Patients love the “self-correcting” nature of the work that happens during and after adjustments, sometimes for weeks after.  A three-year study of more than 2800 patients found benefits beyond reduced pain, eczema, and allergies; patients reported reduced stress in all areas of their life, and more satisfaction in their relationships of all kinds.  See the Association for Network Care for more at http://www.associationfornetworkcare.com/

Factor 2:  Ongoing Training

  You want a chiropractor who continues to learn and develop her professional skills.  The better chiropractors will be proud to share all the extra training they have had after completing their doctorate.

Factor 3:  Personal Connection

I urge you to try out various chiropractors and see how you like them in person. Keep in mind that the falsely cheerful persona that makes a good impression at first may be aggravating after the first few visits. You don’t need to be buddies with your chiropractor, but you do need to have confidence in their clinical skills, honesty, and sincerity.

Factor 4:  Convenience

If your spine really needs work, it may be better to have the second best chiropractor who is a few blocks away rather than your first choice that is a two hour drive away.  Their office hours, flexibility, and ability to get you in and out in short order are other considerations.

Factor 5:  Cost

 This can be affected by their participation in your HMO, how much they charge, and what they recommend in terms of a care plan. Do be aware that there may be a false economy with the Doctor who only recommends care until your symptoms are better. My father-in-law saw one of those chiropractors for thirty years. He would go see him for two or three visits, until he was “better” and told him to come back when his symptoms flared again.

When I took X-rays of his spine at age 70, there were bone spurs and degeneration throughout.  This could have easily been prevented, had his chiropractor cared to do more than just get him out of his symptoms. I believe my father-in-law’s chiropractor failed him by not doing the corrective care that he needed, and now it is too late. This is what I mean by false economy.

In our culture of instant gratification, it is certainly easier to swallow small amounts of chiropractic with a symptomatic orientation.  However, a chiropractor tells you that you need more care than you would like may be the more honest chiropractor.

On the other hand, you don’t necessarily want to go see a chiropractor that sells you and everyone else who walks into their office a year of care with the alacrity of an auto finance manager selling you an extended warranty.


Taking these five factors into accountArticle Submission, I wish you great results in finding the right chiropractor for you. Please let me know how it works out for you.