The four most notable innovations of hearing aids for 2019, announced.

It is the middle of 2019 and already everyone has seen announcements regarding groundbreaking technology from different aspects of society, particularly when it comes to hearing aid brands.

Just like last year, 2019 is slowly becoming a year for countless technological breakthrough announcements and one of the most notable ones so far is the new features of hearing aids that have been a very helpful tool to people who are deaf and mute and has hearing problems.

If you are interested in knowing the new technological breakthrough of hearing aids, you should check out the rest of this post courtesy of the best makers of hearing aids Melbourne has.

·         Fuel cell technology- This kind of technology uses deeper integration of sensors to your hearing aids as it also comes with a customized rechargeable feature with deeper integration on personal assistants along with artificial intelligence (AI) integration and some upgrades on the entire hearing aid’s entire functionality. This has been a product of many years of work from its designers which also comes with its own ups and downs. The fuel cell technology mainly works on methanol, a small fuel cell that is stored inside an Evoke EC where it gets its energy from the refill unit, while it holds the methanol cartridge. In this process, it produces electrical energy to power the hearing aid.

·         Biometric sensors- Although this has been announced and launched last year, however, the new biometric sensors that hearing aids that come with today are more agile and accurate with breakthroughs that opened up the opportunity for hearing aids to become more integrated towards the development of health monitoring devices because of its optimization for the size of the receiver canal that can also measure heart rate, also features R-R intervals, the activity levels of the user and the energy usage which provides a great platform for future advancements and innovations in the hearing health devices.

·         Portable rechargeable hearing aids- Have you ever used a hearing aid that lets you charge while using it? Well, it will be very available soon. All its makers are using the lithium-ion cells which are the widely used batteries that are good for recharging capabilities. Rechargeable hearing aids have proven to be very popular over the years, and a lot have initially thought of them as the most ideal way for people to hear without being disturbed because the battery runs out all of the sudden.

·         Personal assistants- Some hearing aids company have started making hearing aids that mainly uses artificial intelligence (AI) and the Siri integration to their latest hearing aid models and this was quickly followed by several hearing aid brands by incorporating the Google Assistant integration which many tech experts believe to be the start of this new concept that will forever integrate the function of hearing aids. Through personal assistants, your hearing aids will become more integrated where you are no longer have to press something on the device to make it function, all you need is just a simple voice command to make it work the way you want it to be.