Get help in a community with your gender

The rehab homes we have will give you the option to receive the help you need for your full recovery within a community of your same sex, is to say that you can choose the women camp or the camp of men. In this way you will be able to feel more comfortable, to share experiences with other patients of the same gender may become more pleasant. This is not to say that we are discriminating, we do it this way so that our patients are more relaxed and have their space and feel comfortable when sharing a house.

It is worth mentioning that in our houses of rehabilitation do not encourage discrimination of any kind, here all the people with different cultures, races, tastes, different religions, different sexual preferences, etc. are more than welcome and are treated in the same way as the rest of the patients. The people who come to DiscoveryHouses are patients who need support, they need to be given the strength to complete this treatment without being overwhelmed by the weakness of the mind. These are patients who need to be encouraged by each other. Here, we help them create a team so that they can have the willpower that is much need.

Both men, as well as women decide how they want to spend their stay in our houses for rehabilitation, that is to say that they can share their houses with two or three other patients or if you wish to be alone can do it too. They can also come in the company of their pets and have incredible moments with them. People can bring their electronic devices so that they can get in touch with your loved ones and friends, you can bring your music player and listen to your favorite songs all the time. The only thing that is prohibited to carry out these houses of recovery are drugs without prescriptions, products that contain alcohol, alcohol, tobacco and anything or smuggling drugs.

Do not think more and prepare your bags as soon as possible, remember that the faster you take the decision to heal, the faster you’ll receive the treatment you need to achieve this goal. Go to our official website and requests detailed information for everything you want to know about the houses in rehabilitation, we are sure that you will not regret having arrived at this camp, because you’ll have all the tools to reincorporate to society once again.