Effective way to control birthrates and STDs

Many takes pills and condoms as a measure in controlling birthrates, it also helps to avoid in getting unwanted pregnancy and reduces the chance of getting sexual transmission diseases especially when a person uses condom they are totally secured and no need to fear about any infections. Condoms are available for both women and men in recent time it is also available in different colours, textures and flavors. The usage of condom became high among people from many years contraceptives are slowly accepted by many orthodox countries and even in families.

Reasons behind people who are against contraceptive measures

Even though many understood the importance of safety relationships there are some people who are opposed to this for several reasons especially catholic fathers are thinking it as sin. Catholic Church fathers feel that using condoms is equal to abortions as per them murdering a born and unborn both are similar and equally sin; some also feels this is the major reason in increasing unfair sexual acts like homosexuality and pornography. Fathers in church says as per the bible the human should take babies as a blessing from god, one should not use any safety pills in order to prevent the precious gift from god, the church fathers mentioned using artificial measures will be encouraging in marital infidelity.

Some orthodox members from the community like http://www.the-next-wave-ezine.info/is-condom-use-a-sin/ strongly feel men and women are born to create the holy world as per the gods wish by taking pills or using condoms means they are going against god will, old customs are hard to follow in the current situation. Birth rates are needed to control because raise in populations will affect the country economy growth not only country economy growth but also affect your family so it is necessary to spread awareness among every individual. Even though there are few negative views about contraceptives the large number of people understood the importance of it.

Safety physical contacts avoid many problems even proven scientifically this is safe to use, without creating negative impacts of religious belief spread awareness to use, it is not at all harm for any  person a healthy society starts from family. In the present situation have a single child is preferably good for economic reasons sex educations also helps in bringing good impact about contraceptives among people.