Cosy Up to These Elegant Blue Purple Hair Colour Ideas.

Been looking for a new hairstyle and you don’t know where to start from? What about considering blue purple hair ideas that will turn all heads on you for the right reasons? They are highly versatile and can be worn by everyone.

Before even the idea of thinking that these hair shades are too vibrant for you, take a look at how seamlessly are blended into the hairstyles that you will want to try for yourself. Check this link right here now for more inspiration. Is this the right time to come to our side of purple and blue hairstyles?


  • Dark Purple and Teal Blue Hair.


This is a gorgeous look, but it looks elegant when curled to allow the lowlights and highlights to shine through. If you want to experiment with blue purple hair colour and you are unsure where to begin, this a safe start.


  • Pastel Blue and Purple Hair


This hair is gorgeous-a honey like. It is easy to style hairstyle if you know how to dodge your cards well. Finding the colours is very easy, but when doing so ensure that you add conditioner to the bright colours you used earlier to lighten them up.


  • Blue and Purple Bob


Proteins are the main components of our hair and to keep them protein packed we need to keep them bold. You can achieve the boldness by use of shampoos and conditioners. First, wash and condition your hair before your colouring and lightening treatments.


  • Purple to Dark Blue Ombre Hair


Still on proteins, you can use some human made hair masks to enhance the protein in the strands. Besides, coconut oil, mayonnaise, avocado and egg whites have been used before on the hair to boost the keratin and protein.


  • Blue and Purple Ombre On Blonde Hair


Blonde hair gives you an ideal ground to play with as many colours you want, so why not experiment with ombre of vibrant blue purple hair shades? The good part of it is that they can be tailored to your specifications.


  • Light Blue Hair with Purple Roots


This mimics the most stunning oceans, and that could be why we are in love with it. It shows that long strands are not so integral when we want to reveal our beauty with an array of shades and hints. This one is a composition of turquoise blue and purple at the base.


  • Purple Hair with Highlights of Blue


You can also choose to go the opposite way. Many lilacs at the base and just subtle hints of blue starting at the roots to the ends. There is also a vintage chunky blue highlight in these tresses of purple, and the warped, loose curls aid to showcase different shades brilliantly.