A step-by-step Guide to Cataract Surgery Preparation

Don’t hesitate to talk to your eye care professional to understand more about your eye health. Whether you have questions about cataract surgery or cataract surgery cost, be sure to schedule an appointment with them. If you have been diagnosed with a cataract and would like to undergo a surgery, here are some ways you can prepare for the operation:

  • Undergo eye tests –before you even decide to do the operation, you will need to first take some eye exams to allow the surgeon to assess the condition of your eyes.A week prior the surgery, your doctor will do a painless ultrasound test. This process is needed in order to check the size and length of your eye. It alsoallows the surgeon to decide on the right type of intraocular lens implant.
  • Stop taking medications – before the surgery,inform your doctor of what medications you are currently taking so that they know whether you need to stop taking it or postpone the surgery.Your eye surgeon may ask you to temporarily stop taking the medicationas some medicationswould increase the risks of bleeding during the procedure.
  • Use antibiotic eye drops–your doctor may give you eye drops that you must use a day or two prior to the surgery to reduce the risks of infection.
  • Fast before surgery – you may be asked not to drink or eat anything priorto the procedure. More often than not, patients are required to fast six hours before their surgery starts.

You can prepare yourself on the day of the surgery by not eating or drinking anything. You are advised to wear something comfortable, and avoid wearing any cosmetics as it could get in the way of the operation. Be sure that you are already in the clinic or surgical center 2 hours prior to the agreed schedule so that you can give yourself enough time to fill out forms, settle documents or just rest. Don’t forget to prepare financially for the cataract surgery cost. You can even ask a friend or a family member to accompany you before and after the surgery. Keep in mind that your vision may still be blurry after the surgery, so someone needs to be there to help you or to drive you home. He or she can even assist you at home if necessary.

What to Expect After Cataract Surgery?

After cataract surgery, you might feel mild irritation but this will eventually fade away. Following the surgery, you may also be slightly sensitive to light or have mild tearing.

You will need to put an eye shield before you sleep for the first week after the surgery. Remember to instill the eye drops as instructed by the doctor so as to allow your eyes to heal quickly and also reduce the risks of infections. Your doctorwill also advise you to avoid strenuous activities for several weeks after surgery as this can affect the healing process of your eyes.

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