38 Top Questions to ask Franchisors

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Buying a Franchise is a huge step, similar to purchasing any company.

The best part about a franchise, however, is that you need to expect a terrific performance history and the responses to any and all concerns you have, due to the fact that the franchisor needs to have existed and done it all before!

This article will give you plenty of concerns to ask.

NB: You might have to sign Non-Disclosure documents and actually obtain a Franchise prior to you can get the answer to some (but certainly not all) of these questions. If you find a franchisor hesitates to address these questions, that should tell you something, shouldn’t it?

  1. Is the Franchisor a Member of the Franchise Council of Australia?

  1. Does the Franchise comply totally with FCA Code of Conduct and Member Standards in all regards?

These two requirements are mandatory for membership of the FCA, so you can be assured that if they are an FCA Member, they have currently been vetted for compliance with these.

NB: Membership is optional – if Franchisors are members, it might provide a degree of trustworthiness, however, many excellent Franchisors are not members of the FCA.

  1. Was business effectively piloted (run as business) by the Franchisor?

  1. How long has the Franchise functioned?

  1. How many franchises have been sold?

  1. The number of franchises are company owned?

  1. How many Franchises exist in active operation?

  1. The number of franchisees have offered their franchise as a continuous issue?

  1. How many active franchisees regularly fulfill franchise income and profit projections?

  1. The number of legal fits have been lodged by franchisees against franchisor?

  1. How many Franchisee council meetings have been held in last 12 months?

  1. What marketing is generated by Franchisor?

  1. What level of Training is offered?

  1. What level of continuous support is offered?

  1. How is training and support offered?

  1. Exactly what is the makeup of the head office group?

  1. Exactly what are the Customer profiles?

  1. Time and way of life outcomes (5 days a week, 7 days a week, and so on)?

  1. Is work of personnel needed?

  1. What assurances are provided if any, regarding:

  1. a) Marketing

  1. b) Income assistance

  1. c) Business generation

  1. d) Franchise buyback

  1. Can you talk with as numerous franchisees as you desire, and will they provide you some contact names and numbers?

  1. When you have spoken to a Franchisee with less than 12 months in the franchise, get them to provide a rating from 5, where 5 is greatest, 1 is least expensive about:

  1. a) Marketing supportb) Level of ongoing Supportc) Level and quality of Trainingd) Business generation as an outcome of franchisor marketinge) General satisfaction

  1. When you have spoken with a Franchisee with more than 12 months in the franchise, get them to provide a score out of 5, where 5 is highest, 1 is most affordable about:

  1. a) Marketing supportb) Level of continuous Supportc) Level and quality of Trainingd) Business generation as a result of franchisor marketinge) General complete satisfaction

  1. Will the Franchisor supply vendor finance or assist with financing (ask if you will need monetary assistance)?

  1. Is the market for the product or services likely to grow in the future?

  1. What market share does the franchise have/ how strong is the competition?

  1. Is it simple for rivals to launch alternative franchises?

  1. What market awareness (branding) does the franchise have in their marketplace?

  1. Are they the leading gamer in the sector?

  1. Exactly what is their competitive benefit?

  1. Is their competitive benefit distinct or can it be easily copied?

  1. Are they initially mover in their industry?

  1. What innovations has the Franchisor made in the business model over the previous 12 months to remain ahead of competition?

  1. Will business grow in value as business grows?

  1. Will I have the ability to offer my business?

  1. Has there been franchisees who offered out for an earnings?

  1. Is there an exit method (sale, employee buyout, company buyback, etc) in the Franchise system for me to obtain from the franchise?

  1. The number of days a week will I need to work?

Hopefully, these questions made you think a bit harder about the franchising chances available. However if you simply haven’t got the time to make contact and ask all those questions, simply go to the site to arrange the sheep from the goats.