Harmful steroids or are there any safe steroids?

Steroids, as you know, are the most effective means for acquiring lean muscle mass and gaining real heroic strength. Using handfuls of anabolics, many do not even realize how much harm steroids affect their bodies. Today we will try to give not only information about the negative effects of the drugs, but also introduce practical ways to reduce the side effects of this panacea for athletes.

General principles of admission to reduce the harm of steroids

In fact, anabolic substances (steroids) are agents that contribute to the accelerated formation of new structural parts of cells and muscle tissue, they can be ordered steroids online store in USA.

If you have not yet decided whether you need the intervention of chemicals to “build” the muscles, read the following principles:

  • beware of overdose;
  • highly androgenic courses over 15 weeks are not recommended;
  • stop the choice of those drugs that less block the secretion of endogenous testosterone (soon, if there is no interruption in intake, then production will stop completely);
  • take care of the liver, choose tablets or injections that are safe for this organ;
  • make it a rule to control the hormonal background and blood chemistry;
  • Do not forget about the antiestrogens that will hold in you the birth of a woman.

Contraindications for the use of “chemistry”

Side effects from steroids are more pronounced for a young person under the age of 25 years. Irreversible harm can distort the hormonal background, suspend growth, closing the seed growth zone.

It is strongly not recommended to take anabolics for women. The probability of their gradual masculinization is high.

With heart defects, sharp exacerbations are possible.

Any types of failure, hypertension, prostate, atherosclerosis.

Ways to solve specific problems

Consider the specific problems of the body that cause anabolic drugs, and ways to solve them.

Horse Racing. The higher the pressure in the arteries, the more likely it is to make a stroke or heart attack. Unexpected malfunctions can also occur in the kidneys, liver, etc. After physical exertion, the pressure doubles.

Deterioration of the blood lipid profile. The main harm of anabolics, which is invisible at first glance, is the growth of cholesterol plaques on the walls of blood vessels. The narrowing of the vessels and the loss of their elasticity can lead to tearing of the plaque, as a result of which we expect a stroke and even death.

Increased hairiness in the most unexpected places.

Acne (acne). Unwanted rashes appear sharply. The places of their greatest congestion can be the back, shoulders and face.

Heartburn. Such side effects from steroids are not fatal, but unpleasant.

Lowering the level of natural testosterone production. When a chemical analogue enters the endocrine system of a man, a light comes on, indicating that there are enough male hormones and their production stops. Alternatively, you can use gonadotropin, a drug that normalizes its amount in the athlete’s body.

  • Liver damage. Steroids for gaining muscle mass of a tabletted type contribute to the destruction of the liver. To prevent this, bodybuilders choose injectable drugs and do not exceed doses and periods of admission.
  • Gynecomastia Perhaps the most terrible, from the point of view of men, side effect from the use of steroids. Gynecomastia is a benign enlargement of the male mammary glands. Such harm from steroids for men can be minimized by eliminating estrogen-converting agents. To confirm the effect, you can take antiestrogens.
  • Cognitive deficit. The motivation for active mental activity is reduced, and all power is directed towards aggression and gross physical activity.
  • Mental problems. The harm of anabolic steroids also manifests itself in a detrimental effect on the mental state of athletes. Sometimes men cannot control their emotions, often the state of tears changes dramatically with a state of dangerous aggression. This effect is purely individual.
  • Virilization. Features of masculinization appear only in the female body. This is expressed in atrophy of the chest, lowering of the voice, hypertrophy of the clitoris, which visually becomes similar to the male genital organ.
  • Infertility. Note that in bodybuilding men can expect unpleasant news about the impossibility of procreation. Only one fact can save the situation, the fact that the athlete’s hormonal background changes with the use of “chemistry”. Note that infertility is a temporary phenomenon.
  • Testicular atrophy. The hormone gonadotropin decreases in the body with the use of anabolics. Without this substance, the tissues of the male testicles begin to atrophy. This process can lead to impotence. To prevent the dire consequences, you should consult your doctor about taking this hormone in a synthesized form for injection.

Robert Benavente – death at 30 years old from a heart attack, Dan Packet – died at 22 years old (heart failure), Mike Matarazzo – died at 47 years old, Scott Klein died at 30 years old from kidney failure, Andreas Munzer- died at 32 from numerous organ failure, Luke Wood — died of complications after a kidney transplant at 35, Mohamed Benaziz — died after performing at the age of 33 from a cardiac arrest, Daniel Seckaretsi — a heart attack at 33, Art Atwood — died of a mid-episode at 37, Maxim Samoilov, Alexey Imeryakov, Eldar Kabirov … This list goes on ry long. All these people were professional bodybuilders who used steroids and other drugs from sports pharmaceuticals.

Myths About Anabolic Drugs

Now is the time to dispel some fairly common tales about the effects of “chemistry.” The following myths are NOT about anabolics:

  • brain damage;
  • penile reduction;
  • the side effect is permanent and irreversible;
  • “Chemistry” blocks the natural growth of muscles;
  • all means, without exception, affect the internal organs;
  • preparations for oral use are safer;
  • having tried once, one cannot say “stop”.

Do not think that anabolic steroids are a magic tool, this is the main misconception. Proper nutrition, training and relaxation will help you achieve a beautiful body. Many do not have comprehensive knowledge about the interaction of “chemistry” in the body, which means they risk their own health. A beautiful body is not a reward, but a lifetime commitment that you need to work on daily. Hard work + the right training plan will help you achieve heights in bodybuilding, and the lack of synthetic additives will allow the body to remain healthy and courageous.