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Understanding the important moments of planning and making a web site

As a team has gone
through building a web site on a variety of web sites like design and
functionality, we would like to share with you the most important moments of
planning and how to make a website. In this article, you’ll find the tools and
programs you need to set the foundation for building a site, planning it from
the very beginning, and so long as it does not conquer the Internet.

information will be useful both for project manager and in this field

Imagine the following you
are an architect, whose job depends on the stability and beauty of the future
building. Before proceeding with construction, start with the planning of the
project first and pay attention to every detail. On how to build a building and
from that, it turns out that it has something to do with it. To get the best
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Gathering the necessary
information around the project may take you more than a day. Keep in mind that
at other stages of the process, there may be more project data and there is
always room for improvement. In this first step, brain storming with the team
is extremely necessary as the discussion leads not only to the gathering of
complete information but also to the birth of creative ideas.

objectives and expected results

What are the goals of
the client and how do you imagine the end result? You need to be aware of the
criteria for assessing these goals and expected results to make sure you and
your client are on the same wave. You must be as accurate as possible  the goals and results are quantitative and

with the client

Ask the client to tell
you about his idea. Ask it   “What’s your idea about how to make a
website successful?” Everything that you can “dig out” right
from the start would make it easier for you to work forward. What you learn at
this stage will be the basic information you will step on. Be patient, focus on
what you say and do not succumb to the temptation to ask questions in advance.
Your ideas and remarks can wait.

important tip from us 

If the client puts on
emotion and is fully involved in his idea, be sure he will be in great help
during the process.

with the supervisor

Meet people who make
the most important decisions. Discuss the deadlines and allocate the budget,
resources, and so on.

organization matters, it matters!

An initial assignment
should be set up to guide you in laying the foundations.

the goals of the site

Yes, the customer’s
goals can be to increase sales, increase offline market share through online
marketing, engage customers and gain their trust.

Understanding the technical details of creating a web site

How to create a
website? We all know what a website is, but do we know how to create one?
Online there are many companies that offer this type of service, as well as
many sites that offer free creations of various solutions and websites for
every need.

is it really like that? How do we know which partners are the most reliable?

What are the things we
need to consider with a view to creating a website? To answer all these
questions, here is a guide that, step by step, explains how to create a
successful website, paying the utmost attention to each phase. To get the best
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Phoenix Website Design Company 

We must consider that
creating a website may not be a simple operation and to create a successful
site of your company or your business there are steps to follow, starting from
the foundations and arriving at the finishing’s and furnishings. Let’s see together
what these steps are and what to start with to create your own website.

to create a website? The 6 steps to follow

Let’s see together what
the steps to create a website are

  • Website Brief  the first step to create a website
  • How to create a website  We avoid common mistakes
  • Define the Target and Design of the
  • Did you do a market research before
    creating a website?
  • The website’s map
  • The contents of the website

In the following
paragraphs we will address and deepen the individual steps. Here’s how to
create a successful website

to create a website? And what is a website brief?

The first thing to do
to understand how to create a website is starting from the website brief. The
brief of a website is nothing but a document that explains what the business
needs at a practical level, understood as graphics and software development. It
is essential to create a website brief to be successful, especially if it is
fully detailed, down to the smallest details. After all, on the basis of
success, even before luck, there is hard work, planning, because it is
necessary to foresee every possible unexpected event. Only in this way is it
possible to lay the foundations for a lasting business. A website brief cannot
do without a template.

is queen

Put it this way, a
website is like a house. A house needs a well defined project before work can
begin, otherwise it could not take shape. The workers need a list of things to
do, materials to buy, to know what to break or what to fix. In short, you need
a very specific plan. Here, creating a website is exactly like building a
house. We need an architect who is creative enough and able to combine business
with pleasure, someone who makes the site practical for users, but at the same
time is also a pleasure to look at.

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