5 natural ways to increase testosterone in UK

Natural testosterone

 Each person has testosterone, a large amount of it in men, a little less than it in women. In order to avoid health problems, you need to monitor the level of testosterone. A testosterone deficiency in men can cause:

·       problems with heart,

·       obesity,

·       diabetes,

·       decrease in muscle mass

·       premature death.

In women, a lack of testosterone also causes negative manifestations for the body:

·       changes in muscle mass

·       brittle bones

·       obesity.

5 Ways to Increase Testosterone Naturally

Exercise stress. One of the most effective methods to raise testosterone will be exercise with weight. Go in for sports and testosterone will be at its best.

Nutrition The amount of testosterone in the body depends on food. Malnutrition or overeating leads to a decrease in the hormone. Eat correctly, in your diet should be fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins. Also, foods that have cholesterol increase testosterone levels.

Try not to be nervous. Constant stress helps to lower testosterone levels and increase cortisol. Because of this, a person feels a great need for food, which entails weight gain and obesity. In order to maintain normal testosterone levels, you need to try not to be nervous and eat natural products.

Spend time in nature. Vitamin D, which a person receives from the sun, contributes to the production of testosterone. It is believed that a person who spends more time in nature, lives much longer.

Good sleep. If you sleep less than 5 hours, then your testosterone level is reduced by 15%. The best option for relaxing the body is a dream from 7 to 9 hours. During this time, the body completely rests and the level of testosterone maintains its healthy rate. Also, the time at what time you go to bed will also be a decisive factor for well-being. Try to go to bed at about the same time.

There are ways in which you can increase testosterone levels artificially, that is, by injection. There are a certain number of types of testosterone on the market steroids in UK, namely:

·       Propionate

·       Cypionate

·       Enanthate

·       Sustanon

This is all the same testosterone, but with the addition of different chains of ether, which is responsible for the duration of exposure and the period of excretion from the body.